The Other TV Network

KOLDCAST TV is the first and leading international discovery network for original television series, short films and documentaries.

KoldCast TV, a division of KoldCast Entertainment Media, LLC, is an international television network which distributes programming to entertainment consumers around the world via the KoldCast TV Network site, found at, via set-top boxes, connected/smart TV’s and mobile devices, and via unique relationships with broadcast and cable TV networks and other television distribution venues around the world.

Our programming is largely created by independent television producers and filmmakers from the United States and countries across the globe. The phenomenal growth of independent programming allows KoldCast to be highly-selective in its programming choices. Unlike online video distribution sites like YouTube and those that have followed them, KoldCast specializes exclusively in professionally-produced programming. Our programming slate does not combine user-created videos of cats and dogs playing the piano or riding a lawn mower. As a result, our ever-expanding programming lineup and selective approach prevents television viewers from having to mine through thousands of video options in order to find quality programming. Remember, virtually every online video site allows anyone to unilaterally upload their video content without review or approval, leaving the viewer alone to decide what may be worthy of their time. KoldCast TV introduces entertainment consumers to the best of independent television programming at all times.